Quality Guarantee Product By Anindo Furniture

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Are you looking for furniture to complete your interior design? Try to consider our company Anindo Furniture to fulfill your desire. The company is located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia the heart of high-quality wood materials. One of the strongest points that make our company stand out among the other is the quality of our products as each of them is built from the local materials, as Indonesia is known for a wide range of wood material that exceptionally excellent as they can last for hundreds of years. You can choose the product based on the type of available materials, or based on the design that we offer.


Another reason that makes our products stand out among the others is the variety of products that we have, we have a wide range of products not only suitable for the living room but also the bathroom and bedroom. Each of them is made by the master in which each inch of the product is built-in detailed and high chairmanship. The main reason why people choose our products is that we offer a personalized product in which you can choose your color to fit your interior design, while the detail of the design and size will be available in the catalog. 


The quality of our products is tested and examined to meet the international standard, the application of dangerous chemicals for finishing is avoided because we to support your health concern. The raw materials we use are taken from local to support the community, the craftsmanship is done by professionals to create the perfect design. Our catalogs are suitable for both traditional and modern interior design because our designers believe that furniture should follow the trend but still keeping the classic.


We offer international shipping in which the product is also guaranteed to arrive in your place in perfect shape, the delivery will be done as soon as the purchasing so you don’t have to wait for too long for the product to arrive. But still, it will take some time because the delivery will be done at our central factory in Indonesia. However, we will pack the product carefully and inspect the product before the delivery to make sure that the product is correct and in perfect condition. We also choose the delivery carefully to maintain the quality of the product and to avoid damage during the delivery services. 


We are confident that the products that we offer meet the quality standard because each of them is carefully designed, cut, shaped, painted, finished, and delivered. We also offer competitive prices with our rivals. We are also available online to answer your question regarding the product that we offer, our services, and advice because we want you to find the perfect furniture that meets the theme of your interior design. Please visit our catalog and website to browse the product that we currently have or contact our salesperson for the detail. We guaranteed that your purchases are an excellent experience.